3Com® SuperStack® 3 Switch 3200


Key Benefits
Wirespeed, non-blocking Layer 2/3
switching for 10/100 desktop connections
with built-in Gigabit downlinks. Packet
prioritization gives optimal performance to
real-time applications such as voice and
video. Link aggregation of the downlinks
enables high-performance connectivity to
the core of the network, with resiliency to
improve availability and uptime. Layer 3
switching at the edge enables fast switching
of traffic between local subnets while
offloading routers in the core of the
Available in managed 50- or 26-port
configurations, with 48 or 24 auto-sensing
10/100 ports and two dual-personality
ports for 10/100/1000 or SFP connectivity.
Ease of Use
Supports dynamic routing through RIP,
with automatic updating of the Layer 3
network without any manual intervention.
Much easier than implementing static
Automatically auto-negotiates speed and
duplex mode of cables connected to it
preventing misconfiguration of the network.
Switches detect and adjust to cross-over or
straight-through cable connections– a
feature called auto MDI/MDIX– eliminating
the need for specific crossover cables.
Supports up to 2,000 external routes,
allowing the switch to scale as the network
grows–ideal for deployments at the edge of
a network. Supports up to 255 VLANs and
standards-based IEEE 802.3ad trunking
Rate limiting enables the bandwidth on
each port to be restricted, preserving
network bandwidth and allowing
maximum control of network resources



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