Realsound Kmax 1228X


Kmax-1228x large linear array system, with high efficiency and high performance. Not only beautiful box, trapezoidal, and convenient installation ingenious, each speaker with a combination of plug-ins, and each plug-in has wire rope joint insurance, so that the whole system is easy to install, and fittings is not easy to lose.

The three way symmetric design includes 2 X 12 inch woofer, high amplitude and high power bass horn, the efficiency and effect of the bass reproduction and soft extension response reflecting the perfect combination of loading. 4 X 6.5 inch MF horn load drive and 3 X 2 inch high drive, which is connected with a symmetrical array level, widely used by other contractors. Clearly superior sonic results: stereo imaging better; horizontal diffusion is greater than 120 degrees; better integration system.

The Kmax-1228x box is a part of the system, can be used in different combinations of linear array. And all this a series of the other components together, the structure of the Kmax-1228x wave functions can provide very high, significant realistic and clarity, while satisfying the line array technology to determine each parameter. The components of the application of professional loudspeaker coupling technique to implement appropriate shade, so that the total control of horizontal dispersion. In addition, the formation of absolute control in a vertical range of wave surface acoustic linear design complex, in the guidance of our acoustic energy specific domain is a very necessary. The end result will be a clear message, no jumping or reflect a specific frequency. The necessary vertical coverage of separation and the same system between the fixed angle obtained by system noise cover.

Kmax-1228 X-ray array system will produce a coherent wave front, provides the acoustic performance is better for the customer, every time we doubled from the sound source will only lose 3 db. Under the same conditions, the traditional system loses 6 db. The inherent advantages of the line array is the future of the field can provide long distance under maximum sound pressure. Another attract sb.’s attention point is set up, easy to program, because of our strong and reliable recording device can accurately and fast installation.

Kmax-1228x is designed for 4 or more than 4 stereo mix, to produce a consistent power response, symmetrical predictable bipolar mode, there will be no comb filtering effect.

Kmax-1228x box is 11 layers of birch plywood using 18mm made use of, outer wear, two-component appearance finishing, provide protection for ultra high anti scratch. Positive by acoustic breathable foam and metal grid protection. A rapid and complete hoisting system in increments of 2 degrees allowing external opening 0 to 10 degree angle.

Kmax-1228x can be used alone or with Kmax-1559xsub, kmax-1559x, kmax-1558x, kmax-1228xsub in mobile or fixed audio equipment connected using.



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