Realsound Kmax-1228Xsub


High power and high quality playback of super large linear array subwoofer system, this is the bass sound box design famous horn type, loading technology after studying hundreds of times at low loading, experiment and development, continuous improvement and improve, also is the overall analysis of results. The immortal and innovative product output, large impact force, high solid and low frequency analysis of pure very strong products, and caused many with highly attention in professional audio field. Large system Kmax-1228xsub is the best, it can implement multiple speakers stacked together to solve the location problem, and is amplified to heavy low frequency effects of passion for the trumpet is stacked in a guided down low frequency effect.

For considering the foundation as the flowing performance groups, Kmax-1228xsub housing is strong, in the double tuned, parallel band-pass configuration installation of two 18 inch high power converter. The box body uses advanced components so that the box body of its amazing with any other type and size. Box body is provided with a security front steel grille, coating and outdoor anti compounds. It is equipped with heavy spin allowed safe stacking. Provide comprehensive hand easy operation. In its 18 inch drive unit with double elastic wave, the noble paper basin to achieve the perfect reproduction of the extremely low frequency sound pressure signal, reproducing band covers 3 8 degree continuous scale, strong applicability. It includes a one-piece handle and wheels for the flowing performance, installation and use, if the non performance of the circumstances, can not provide wheel.

Horizontal coverage rate and the length of the array of products, as well as related inversely proportional to frequency. In this case, between 35 and 150 Hz or different ways to display, box number, we force the directivity control is better, our behavior is also more specific. Therefore, in the same linear array of medium / large assembly subwoofer can produce a large number of low-end energy.

When the Kmax-1228xsub speaker with Kmax-1228x intermediate – frequency when the system is in use, the system is rich, low energy release and accurate bass.

Kmax-1228xsub subwoofer can be stacked in the prescribed proportion under fly to the unit, or in the central location of lower level. The efficiency and frequency range depends on the total body.

The construction of the sound box using 18MM high quality 11 layer plywood.



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