Extron IN1608


The Extron IN1608 is an HDCP-compliant scaling presentation switcher with four HDMI inputs, two universal analog video inputs, and two Extron DTP® inputs. It includes dual HDMI outputs, one DTP output, an integrated Class D audio power amplifier, and a built‑in IPCP Pro 350 control processor for complete AV system control. The DTP inputs and output work with DTP endpoints to extend video, audio, and bidirectional control signals. Each DTP transmitter/receiver link requires just a single shielded CATx cable. The IN1608 provides the convenience of supporting local and remote sources and displays, with fast and reliable source switching, and a high performance scaling engine for HDMI and analog sources. The IN1608 also includes a host of audio switching and processing features. Models are available with an HDBaseT-compatible output.
Integrated Digital Twisted Pair Extension
The two DTP twisted pair inputs can receive signals from remote DTP transmitters in areas such as a conference table, lectern, or wall for connecting a guest laptop. The DTP twisted pair output can be used to transmit from an IN1608 in a rack to a DTP receiver behind a flat-panel display on a wall, above a ceiling-mounted projector, or any other remote location. DTP transmitters and receivers are available in compact, low-profile enclosures, plus decorator-style wallplate and floorbox versions to suit the installation requirements of a specific application.
The DTP twisted pair inputs and output include additional convenient, integrator-friendly features designed to help simplify installation. Bidirectional RS-232 and IR signals can be inserted from a control system and transmitted over the single shielded CATx cable together with the video and audio, enabling control of a source or display. Additionally, the IN1608 can send power to select DTP transmitters and receivers over the same shielded CATx cable, streamlining system design and installation.
The IN1608 supports a maximum transmission distance of 330 feet (100 meters) when paired with a DTP 330 transmitter or receiver. Shorter distances can be covered using economical DTP 230 endpoints to extend video, control, and audio signals up to 230 feet (70 meters).
Models Available with an HDBaseT-Compatible Output
For integration flexibility, IN1608 HDBT models include a twisted pair output that is HDBaseT compatible. This output can be used to send digital video and embedded audio, plus bidirectional RS-232 and IR signals up to 330 feet (100 meters) over shielded CATx cable to any HDBaseT-enabled display.
Built for Digital Video Integration
To simplify integration of HDMI sources and displays, and to help ensure optimal system performance and dependability, the IN1608 features three Extron-exclusive technologies: EDID Minder®, Key Minder®, and SpeedSwitch®. EDID Minder manages EDID communication between the display devices and input sources to ensure that the correct video formats are displayed reliably. For HDMI signals with protected content, Key Minder authenticates and maintains continuous HDCP encryption between input and output devices to ensure quick and reliable switching. With SpeedSwitch Technology, the IN1608 delivers exceptional, virtually instantaneous switching speeds for HDCP-encrypted content.
High Performance Video Processing
The IN1608 features an advanced scaling engine that can scale HDMI, RGB, component, and standard definition video signals to a common high resolution output. It provides 30-bit color processing to deliver optimal image quality, as well as motion-adaptive deinterlacing for input signals up to 1080i. The two universal analog video inputs are configurable for RGB computer video, HDTV, component video, S-video, or composite video. Additionally, the color space and chroma subsampling of the HDMI output can be automatically set to ensure compatibility with a connected DVI or HDMI display. Automatic 3:2 and 2:2 pulldown detection maximizes image quality for content sources originating from film. The IN1608 accepts and outputs signals up to 1920×1200, including 1080p/60 and 2K.
The IN1608 provides three simultaneous outputs – two HDMI and one DTP that enable three displays to be driven at the same time. Selectable FILL and FOLLOW modes are available to ensure the proper aspect ratio of the output. FILL mode provides full screen output, while FOLLOW mode preserves the original aspect ratio of the input signal.
Audio Integration Capabilities and Available Power Amplifier
In addition to video switching and processing, the IN1608 can serve as the central component for audio system integration. It includes eight-input audio switching, two mic/line inputs with phantom power, HDMI audio embedding and de-embedding, and several audio processing features for mixing, ducking, tone adjustments, and more. Audio configuration features and options can easily be accessed through the internal Web pages, with an intuitive GUI that provides access to all available adjustments and settings.
IN1608 models are available with a choice of integrated power amplifiers. IN1608 SA models deliver stereo power amplification with 50 watts rms per channel into 4 ohms or 25 watts rms per channel into 8 ohms, while IN1608 MA models provide mono 70 volt amplification with 100 watts rms output. All feature an Extron exclusive Class D amplifier design with patented CDRS™ – Class D Ripple Suppression technology that provides a smooth, clean audio waveform and an improvement in signal fidelity over conventional Class D amplifier designs.
Powerful Integrated Control Processor
IN1608 IPCP models feature a built-in Extron IP Link® Pro control processor, with the advanced features, processing power, and breakthrough technologies found in the standalone Extron IPCP Pro 350 control processor. The IN1608 IPCP delivers high-speed processing and abundant control port capacity for complete, customizable control of an entire AV system, including all source devices and displays, plus lighting, window shades, projection screens, occupancy sensing, and more. Select from a full line of Extron TouchLink® Pro touchpanel models, available in a range of screen sizes in tabletop, wall-mount, and Extron Cable Cubby® form factors. Simply connect a TouchLink Pro touchpanel to the built-in Gigabit Ethernet switch to create a complete AV control system.
Extron eBUS® button panels can also be used with the built-in IPCP Pro 350 control processor. The integration-friendly eBUS technology is based on a unique digital bus architecture that allows for easy control system expansion, greater design options, and future upgrades. As with our TouchLink Pro touchpanels, eBUS button panels are designed for use with any Extron IPCP Pro Series control processor, allowing them to be used as a single user interface for a smaller system or multiple button panels and touchpanels may be combined when a more elaborate control system is required.
As with all Extron control systems, the IN1608 IPCP is very intuitive and easy to configure with Global Configurator®software. The latest version of Global Configurator includes powerful, advanced features such as conditional logic, local variables, and macros. The IN1608 IPCP offers the versatility to integrate a wide range of system control applications, from system powering and source switching, to elaborate operations such as videoconferencing management.
Global Configurator Professional adds unprecedented scalability with Controller Groups, a unique feature that allows an IN1608 IPCP to be combined with additional IP Link Pro processors to create a large-scale control system. This is ideal for controlling multiple systems, rooms, or even remote locations around the world. IN1608 IPCP systems throughout a facility, building, campus, or offices worldwide can be monitored and managed using Extron GlobalViewer® Enterprise server-based software. GlobalViewer Enterprise enables powerful enterprise-wide scheduling, monitoring, and helpdesk functions from a central location.
Extron LinkLicense® is an easy, cost-effective way for people to add even more powerful capabilities to Extron products. Purchasing a LinkLicense for User Interfaces upgrade for the IN1608 IPCP will enable a mobile device or computer to serve as the primary control interface for the AV system. This expands AV control options, and promotes BYOD – Bring Your Own Device convenience. LinkLicense is applied per-system, not per-user, and there are no hidden costs.
Multiple Options for Local and Remote Operation
The IN1608 features front panel controls and intuitive on-screen menus for quick access to functions. Remote configuration and control are available via USB, RS-232, and Ethernet. The IN1608 can be configured using Extron’s PCS – Product Configuration Software with a user-friendly GUI that is very easy to navigate. This software application allows for expedited setup and commissioning, real-time operation and monitoring, plus the ability to configure several IN1608 units in the same session.

  • Integrates HDMI, analog video, and audio sources into presentation systems — The IN1608 provides centralized switching for a wide range of AV sources.
  • Inputs: Four HDMI; two universal 15-pin HD inputs for RGB, component video, S-video, or composite video; two DTP twisted pair inputs on RJ-45; six stereo balanced/unbalanced audio inputs on captive screw; two mic/line audio inputs on captive screw
  • Outputs: Three simultaneous video outputs – two HDMI outputs, one DTP® or one HDBaseT twisted pair output on RJ-45; one variable stereo audio output on captive screw; one variable stereo audio output configurable as dual mono on captive screw; speaker outputs on 5 mm, 4-pole captive screw connector – IN1608 SA Models or on 5 mm, 2-pole captive screw connector  – IN1608 MA Models
  • Two DTP inputs, four HDMI inputs, and two universal analog video inputs — The IN1608 allows for switching between HDMI and analog video sources. Two universal analog inputs accept all standard analog video formats, including RGB, HD component video, S-video, and composite video.
  • Three simultaneous video outputs — One DTP or one HDBaseT twisted pair output, and two HDMI outputs are available for driving three displays.
  • Integrated DTP inputs and output support transmission of video, control, and analog audio up to 330 feet (100 meters) over a shielded CATx cable — Two DTP inputs and one DTP output support digital signal transmission of HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, 3G‑SDI, or VGA plus control and analog audio up to 330 feet (100 meters) over a shielded CATx cable, providing high reliability and maximum performance on an easily installed cable infrastructure.
  • Available with dedicated HDBaseT twisted pair output — IN1608 HDBT models include a twisted pair output that can send video and embedded audio, plus bidirectional RS-232 and IR signals to an HDBaseT-enabled display.
  • Extron XTP DTP 24 shielded twisted pair cable is strongly recommended for optimal performance
  • Compatible with CATx shielded twisted pair cable — The IN1608 fully supports the maximum specified transmission distance for all compatible resolutions when used with CATx shielded twisted pair cable. Shielded twisted pair cabling with solid center conductor sizes of 24 AWG or better is recommended for optimal performance.
  • Bidirectional RS-232 and IR pass-through for AV device control — Bidirectional RS-232 control and IR signals can be transmitted alongside the video signal over DTP connections, allowing the remote device to be controlled without the need for additional cabling. Bidirectional control extension eliminates the need for control system wiring to remote devices.
  • Remote powering of select DTP transmitters and receivers — IN1608 IPCP and standard IN1608 models can provide power to select DTP transmitters and DTP receivers over the twisted pair connections, while IN1608 HDBT models can provide power to select DTP transmitters. This eliminates the need for separate power supplies at the remote units.
  • Compatible with all DTP Series models and DTP-enabled products — The integrated DTP inputs and output on IN1608 IPCP and standard IN1608 models support mixing and matching with desktop and wallplate transmitters and receivers, as well as other DTP-enabled products to meet application requirements. The DTP inputs of IN1608 HDBT models are compatible with all DTP Series transmitters and DTP-enabled products.
  • Available with integrated IPCP Pro 350 control processor — IN1608 IPCP models include a built-in IPCP Pro 350 control processor for complete AV system control.
    • Supports TouchLink® Pro touchpanels and eBUS® button panels
    • Supports secure industry standard communications protocols — Uses industry standard communication protocols, including HTTP (insecure), HTTPS, SSH, SFTP, SMTP, NTP, Discovery Service, DHCP, DNS, ICMP, and IPv4.
    • Supports LinkLicense® — Extron LinkLicense enhances the capabilities of Extron Pro Series control systems.
    • Two bidirectional RS-232 ports with software handshaking — Captive screw serial ports that can control two RS‑232 devices.
    • One bidirectional RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 port with hardware and software handshaking — Captive screw serial port that can communicate with one RS‑232/RS‑422/RS‑485 serially controlled device.
    • Two IR/Serial ports for one-way control of external devices
    • Four Digital I/O ports — Allows for interfacing with other systems in the room.
    • Four relays for controlling room functions — Enables control of lighting, screen settings, and other device functions.
    • eBUS port for connecting eBUS button panels and accessories
    • Ethernet monitoring and control — Manage, monitor, and control AV devices using a standard Ethernet network.
    • Supports popular BMS – Building Management System protocols, such as BACnet, KNX, and DALI — These protocols allow for centralized monitoring and control of mechanical and electrical systems that include HVAC, lighting, power, fire, and security.
    • Integrated three port network switch — Allows for easy connection of touchpanels or other network controlled devices.
    • Supports 10/100/1000Base-T
    • Supports Ethernet-controllable devices — Allows for control of multiple Ethernet-enabled AV devices such as displays, switchers, and sources.
    • Automatic clock synchronization allows touchpanel to display the accurate time and date
    • Supports control system synchronization — Synchronization will allow users to retain and recover the state of their configured endpoints in case of network or power failure.
    • Front panel port status indicators
    • Multi-level password protection — Allows security to be set based on user roles.
    • Fully customizable using Extron control system software — GUI Designer can be combined with Global Configurator® Plus or Global Configurator Professional.
    • Create controller groups — Allows multiple IP Link Pro control processors to be grouped together to function as one when configured with Global Configurator Professional.
    • Library of enhanced Extron Certified device drivers — Device drivers allow Extron products to control various display and source devices, such as projectors, flat-panel displays, and Blu-ray players. Extron has produced fully tested, Ethernet, serial, and IR device drivers.
  • Two mic/line inputs with 48 volt phantom power — Two mic or line level audio sources can be independently mixed with program audio and embedded onto the HDMI output. Selectable 48 volt phantom power allows the use of condenser microphones.
  • Mic ducking — Automatically reduces program audio when a microphone signal is detected, replacing the need for a separate audio ducking processor.
  • Auto-switching between inputs — Auto-switching allows for simple, unmanaged installation in locations such as in a lectern or under a conference table. When multiple inputs are active, the switching priority is configurable.
  • HDMI audio embedding — Analog input audio signals can be embedded onto the HDMI output signal.
  • HDMI audio de-embedding — Embedded HDMI two-channel PCM audio can be extracted to the analog outputs, or multi‑channel bitstream formats can be passed to the HDMI outputs.
  • Selectable output rates from 640×480 to 1920×1200, including 1080p/60 and 2K — Available output rates include computer and video up to 1920×1200, including 1080p/60 and 2K.
  • Advanced scaling engine with 30-bit precision processing and motion-adaptive deinterlacing for signals up to 1080i — Image scaling and video format conversion are performed at 30-bit precision for enhanced color accuracy and picture detail. Advanced deinterlacing for all interlaced signals up to 1080i delivers optimized image quality.
  • Available with energy efficient Class D stereo or mono amplifier:
    2 x 50 watts @ 4 ohms; 2 x 25 watts @ 8 ohms
    1 x 100 watts @ 70 volts
     — All IN1608 power amplifier options feature an Extron exclusive, highly efficient, advanced Class D amplifier design with CDRS™ – Class D Ripple Suppression, an Extron patented technology that provides a smooth, clean audio waveform and an improvement in signal fidelity over conventional Class D amplifier designs. CDRS eliminates the high frequency switching ripple characteristic of Class D amplifiers, a source of RF emissions which can interfere with sensitive AV equipment such as wireless microphones.
  • Automatic clip limiter — Detects onset of clipping, automatically reducing gain to eliminate clipping and thereby protecting speakers and amplifiers from distortion.
  • HDCP compliant — Ensures display of content-protected media and interoperability with other HDCP-compliant devices.
  • User-selectable HDCP authorization — Allows individual inputs to appear HDCP compliant or non-HDCP compliant to the connected source, which is beneficial if the source automatically encrypts all content when connected to an HDCP-compliant device. Protected material is not passed in non-HDCP mode.
  • Supported HDMI specification features include data rates up to 6.75 Gbps, Deep Color, and HD lossless audio formats
  • Key Minder® continuously verifies HDCP compliance for quick, reliable switching — Key Minder authenticates and maintains continuous HDCP encryption between input and output devices to ensure quick and reliable switching in professional AV environments, while enabling simultaneous distribution of a single source signal to one or more displays.
  • EDID Minder® automatically manages EDID communication between connected devices — EDID Minder ensures that all sources power up properly and reliably output content for display.
  • SpeedSwitch® Technology provides exceptional switching speed for HDCP-encrypted content
  • Output muting control — Provides the capability to mute one or all outputs at any time. This allows, for example, content to be viewed on a local monitor prior to appearing on the main presentation display.
  • Aspect ratio control — The aspect ratio of the video output can be controlled by selecting a FILL mode, which provides a full screen output, or a FOLLOW mode, which preserves the original aspect ratio of the input signal.
  • HDCP authentication and signal presence confirmation — Provides real-time verification of HDCP status for each digital video input and output. This allows for simple, quick, and easy signal and HDCP verification through front panel LEDs, RS-232, USB, or Ethernet, providing valuable feedback to a system operator or helpdesk support staff.
  • HDCP Visual Confirmation — When HDCP‑encrypted content is transmitted to a non‑HDCP compliant display, a full‑screen green signal is sent to the display for immediate visual confirmation that protected content cannot be viewed on that display.
  • HDMI to DVI Interface Format Correction — Automatically enables or disables embedded audio and InfoFrames, and sets the correct color space for proper connection to HDMI and DVI displays.
  • Seamless switching — Seamless cut through black and fade through black transition effects are available to enhance presentations by eliminating distractions during switching.
  • Auto-Image™ setup — When activated, the unit automatically optimizes the image by analyzing and adjusting to the video input signal. This can save time and effort in setting up a newly connected source, particularly in presentation environments where different guest presenter laptops with various output resolutions will be connected.
  • Auto Input Memory — When activated, the unit automatically stores size, position, and picture settings based on the incoming signal. When the same signal is detected again, these image settings are automatically recalled from memory.
  • On-screen menus — Intuitive on-screen menus allow for easy system setup using the front panel controls. Key parameters such as input and output video formats and resolutions are conveniently grouped on the initial Quick Setup screen, while additional screens provide full control over the unit’s other functions and settings.
  • Output Standby Mode — The unit can be set to automatically mute video and sync output to the display device when no active input signal is detected. This allows the projector or flat-panel display to automatically enter into standby mode to save energy and enhance lamp or panel life.
  • Power Save Mode — The unit can be placed in a low power standby state to conserve energy when not in use.
  • Image freeze control — A live image can be frozen using RS-232 serial control, USB, or Ethernet control.
  • Picture controls for brightness, contrast, color, tint, detail, as well as horizontal and vertical positioning, and sizing
  • User presets — Memory presets are available for each input to store and recall optimized image settings.
  • Automatic 3:2 and 2:2 pulldown detection — Advanced film mode processing techniques that help maximize image quality for NTSC, PAL, and 1080i sources that originated from film.
  • Quad standard video decoding — A temporal, 3D adaptive comb filter provides advanced decoding of composite NTSC 3.58, NTSC 4.43, PAL, and SECAM for integration into systems worldwide.
  • Internal video test patterns and pink noise generator for calibration and setup — The unit offers several video test patterns and audio pink noise to facilitate proper system setup and calibration of display devices.
  • Output volume control — Provides master volume control for the variable line level and amplified audio outputs.
  • Audio input gain and attenuation — Gain or attenuation can be adjusted for each audio input to eliminate noticeable differences when switching between sources.
  • Audio breakaway — Provides the capability to break an analog audio signal away from its corresponding video signal and route to the audio outputs, allowing the analog audio channels to be operated as a separate switcher.
  • Audio switching transitions — The audio output level automatically ramps down and then ramps up to match the video during switching transitions.
  • Integrated audio delay — The audio output is automatically delayed to compensate for latency introduced by the video processing.
  • Advanced audio configuration — The IN1608 offers complete control of audio input and output gain, attenuation, mixing, and ducking parameters via a user-friendly GUI.
  • Input audio muting — The analog stereo or HDMI audio inputs can be individually muted.
  • Front panel security lockout — This feature locks out all front panel functions except for input selection; all functions however, are available through Ethernet, USB, or RS-232 control.
  • Ethernet monitoring and control — Enables control and proactive monitoring over a LAN, WAN, or the Internet. An intuitive Web interface is included for full configuration of the unit.
  • Built-in Web pages — Enables the use of a standard browser for full control and troubleshooting over an intuitive Web interface.
  • RS-232 control port — Enables the use of serial commands for integration into a control system. Extron products use the SIS™ – Simple Instruction Set command protocol, a set of basic ASCII commands that allow for quick and easy programming.
  • Front panel USB configuration port — Enables easy configuration without having to access the rear panel.
  • RJ-45 signal and link LED indicators for DTP and HDBaseT ports — Provides a means for validating signal flow and operation, allowing quick identification of connectivity issues.
  • JITC Certified — Successfully completed interoperability and information assurance testing for use in government applications and other mission-critical environments.
  • Easy setup and commissioning with Extron’s PCS – Product Configuration Software — Conveniently configure multiple products using a single software application.
  • Rack-mountable metal enclosure — The standard IN1608 and IN1608 HDBT models feature a 1U, full rack width metal enclosure. Models with a built-in power amplifier or control processor are housed in a 2U, full rack width metal enclosure.
  • Includes LockIt® HDMI cable lacing brackets
  • Internal Extron Everlast™ power supply — Provides worldwide power compatibility, with high‑demonstrated reliability and low power consumption for reduced operating cost
  • Extron Everlast Power Supply is covered by a 7‑year parts and labor warrant




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